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With thousands of colors to choose from, and the largest range of Ready to Ship products available, we’ve got the winning formula of colors, textures and finishes to ensure you remain unbeatable.


Interpon has the biggest range of high quality colors, textures and finishes in stock and Ready to Ship


For your most urgent of urgent jobs, our coatings can be on their way to you within 24 hours


We build sustainable products, systems and relationships that stand the test of time


Our powder coatings not only support your existing business, but can also open new doors and start new conversations

Special Effects

Interpon has developed a range of almost 50 different specialty finishes in stock to give you and your customers the ‘Special Effect’ you are looking for.

Whether decorating interior products (metal furniture, lighting fixtures, shop fittings etc.) or protecting products exposed to the elements (garden furniture, playground equipment, agricultural machinery etc.), Interpon has the widest range of proven products. Specialty colors, fine and coarse textures, metallic effects and stone effects are all a range of finishes, and tailored to its designated usage and application.

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EC - Easyclean

Interpon EC (Easy Clean) is a high-performance powder coating, designed for environments and products prone to graffiti and petty vandalism.

Graffiti applied to an EC-protected surface can be quickly and effectively removed repeatedly without impacting coating appearance, durability or weathering. An Easy Clean coating offers outstanding levels of chemical resistance, as well as protecting against corrosion, scratches and the weather. The product can be used as a one coat application or as a clear topcoat.

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Interpon Low-E is a collection of Interpon polyester powder coatings that can be cured more efficiently than conventional polyester ranges.

Often referred to as ‘low bake’, Low-E powder coatings are low temperature-cure chemistries formulated to cure 75°F to 100°F lower than standard chemistries which help you not only reduce your energy consumption and emissions, but also your productivity. Low-E chemistries melt, flow, gel, cross-link and cure at temperatures as low as 250°F or less depending on chemistry. They are available in both weathering and non-weathering chemistries, as well as various surface finishes. Low-E epoxy chemistries offer the broadest range of surface profiles, color and gloss choices. Hybrid and TGIC Polyester are available in limited color and gloss ranges.

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Heat Resistant

Interpon HT is our range of high-performance heat resistant powder coatings for coating assets that are exposed to fire or other sources of heat.

Designed with required heat resistance properties ranging from 200ºC (392ºF) to the extreme heat of 550ºC (1022ºF), Interpon HT coatings perform without any loss of color stability issues and are fully resistant to delamination, corrosion, cracking and with high scratch resistance. Applications include wood-burning stoves; exhaust systems, barbecues, light fixtures and generator, motorcycle and tractor mufflers; across steel, cast iron, and aluminum.

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Corrosion can cause serious issues. Preventing corrosion, protecting products, surfaces and structures from the damage it can cause is easy – when you have the right system in place. That’s where we come in.

AkzoNobel offers several choices when you are considering the use of a powder primer – anywhere where additional corrosion protection is required. Interpon primers can be used for both liquid and powder top coats, and for both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. When using these products as a primer, the coated part should only remain in the oven for the amount of time necessary for the coating to melt and flow into a continuous film. The mass of the substrate will affect the time required for the powder to flow. Please consult your AkzoNobel Technical Representative to ensure that the selected product is suitable for your end use application.

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Interpon TP Nylon

These nylon coatings have excellent abrasion/wear resistance, good chemical and solvent resistance, good exterior durability, a low coefficient of friction, and excellent machinability.

Interpon TP Nylon series are melt-mixed type 11 polyamide powder coatings. Typical applications for the Interpon TP series include automotive clip and wear surfaces, office and institutional furniture, industrial pipe and fittings, food processing and handling equipment, marine hardware and shopping carts. Some products require the use of a primer to ensure long-term adhesion, so please consult with your AkzoNobel Technical Representative to ensure that the selected product is suitable to your end use application.

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Interpon AM powder coatings provide antimicrobial (AM) properties to meet the Increased demand for products that support improved hygiene

From hospitals to classrooms, public transport to kitchens, Interpon AM’s antimicrobial technology reduces bacteria and mould by up to 99.9% to maintain hygiene where it’s needed most and reduce the bad odors, staining and material degradation that are associated with microbial growth. And with an extensive selection of colors to choose from, you can give surfaces the protection they need and the finish they deserve.

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Unbeatable Colors

We are constantly developing new colors to add to our already incredible range that will never leave you short of ideas.

Interpon gives you access to thousands of quality powder coatings that are recognized as the best performing products on the market, with an unbeatable range of high-quality colors, textures and special effects to choose from. Approved for use across a diverse range of applications, we have the powder coatings you need for the most urgent of urgent jobs.

Fabulous Finishes

We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of textures, gloss levels, special effects and bespoke finishes to match your every need.

Performance is as much about how the finish looks as to whether it is functional and will resist corrosion or and maintain its color over time. Interpon's extensive range of special effects and metallic finishes, textured or smooth, and high gloss through to matt finishes provides coaters with a multitude of choices for even the most demanding of projects.

Winning Features

Our powder coatings deliver a life-time performance, even in the most challenging environments, and for the most demanding customers.

Powder coatings have to look good, and they have to perform. Our powder coatings offer features for the most demanding of projects - whether it's protecting from corrosion on an offshore wind farm, to supporting hygiene in hospitals or on public transport through our antimicrobial finish. And with even lower curing temperatures, our powders can now coat an even wider range of substrates, opening a new world of design opportunities.

Unlimited Applications

Interpon can be applied to every element of product and environment design

  • Interior products such as metal furniture, lighting fixtures, shop fittings
  • Products exposed to the elements including garden furniture and playground equipment
  • Product in high-corrosion environments such as ski lifts, gasoline storage, industrial environments
  • Products prone to graffiti and petty vandalism such as public transport, lockers, and retail security shutters.
  • High-temperature environments such as stoves, fireplaces, exhaust systems, barbecues, and mufflers
  • Environments benefiting from improved hygiene such as hospitals, and high-touch public areas

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