Interpon Apps & Tools

With thousands of colors to choose from, and the largest range of Ready to Ship products available, not to mention a comprehensive range of finishes, textures and special effects, you may need a little help along the way.

Interpon Customer Tool

We can help find the product that’s right for you, with access to brochures and technical information to make sure you’re comfortable with your choice.

Interpon Powder Coatings Digital Catalog provides a fast and easy way to view AkzoNobel Powder Coatings core product portfolio wherever and whenever you want. This app provides you with information that will help you make timely, informed decisions on your project requirements. We aim to make the whole enquiry-to-order process more efficient, enabling you to quickly respond to your clients with solutions.

Available for iOS in the App Store. Check your regional store for availability.

Download from the App Store

Redox System Finder

Selecting the right corrosion protection system made easy

Selecting the right corrosion protection system made easy with the System Finder, the on-line tool guiding customers towards the right AkzoNobel Interpon powder coatings corrosion protection system combined with their topcoat.

Interpon’s new Redox range offers customers four innovative multilayer systems to cover different surfaces in different environments for example swimming pools, windmills, bus shelters and chemical plants. Choosing the right corrosion protection system and their topcoat depends on a variety of factors, such as the material used and the location in which it is used.

The new on-line System Finder helps select the proper corrosion protection system that fits the customers needs. Based on inputs, System Finder delivers a full specification of powder primers and top coats, together with the relevant product information and technical data sheets for each recommended product.

Find your perfect Redox system

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