Interpon has the biggest range of high quality colors, textures and finishes in stock and Ready to Ship


For your most urgent of urgent jobs, our coatings can be on their way to you within 24 hours


We build sustainable products, systems and relationships that stand the test of time


Our powder coatings not only support your existing business, but can also open new doors and start new conversations

Biggest. Fastest. Best.

For people like you, speed is everything. But you want to be fast not furious. You demand the best, and you need it quickly.

Interpon has the biggest range of Ready To Ship high-quality colors, textures and finishes in stock and can get them to you in time for those most urgent of urgent jobs. And they’re easy to order online or via our webshop. Find out how our powder coatings and our people can help keep your customers happy and your production line rolling.

Discover the RTS range now

Head into the comfort zone.

Your business is built on your reputation. That means delivering a quality service on time, on budget, and to your customer’s total satisfaction. You can’t let them down. And neither do we.

Working with Interpon gives you access to thousands of quality powder coatings that are recognized as the best performing products on the market and approved for use with a diverse range of applications. And we have the credibility to prove it.

Discover the RTS range now

Up, up and away!

Your business never stands still. You want to grow. You want to deliver a quality service and win new customers. That’s where we come in.

Interpon powder coatings are approved for use across a diverse range of applications and industries, from nuts and bolts to spacecraft. Our products not only support your existing business but can help open new doors and start new conversations. Start one of those conversations today and see how far we can go together.

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Unbeatable Colors

We are constantly developing new colors to add to our already incredible range that will never leave you short of ideas

Fabulous Finishes

We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of textures, gloss levels, special effects and bespoke finishes to match your every need

Winning Features

Our powder coatings deliver a life-time performance, even in the most challenging environments, and for the most demanding customers

Unlimited Applications

Interpon can be applied to every element of product and environment design

  • Interior products such as metal furniture, lighting fixtures, shop fittings
  • Products exposed to the elements including garden furniture and playground equipment
  • Product in high-corrosion environments such as ski lifts, gasoline storage, industrial environments
  • Products prone to graffiti and petty vandalism such as public transport, lockers, and retail security shutters.
  • High-temperature environments such as stoves, fireplaces, exhaust systems, barbecues, and mufflers
  • Environments benefiting from improved hygiene such as hospitals, and high-touch public areas

Interpon Apps & Tools

With thousands of colors to choose from, and the largest range of Ready to Ship products available, not to mention a comprehensive range of finishes, textures and special effects, you may need a little help along the way.

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